Antifragile individual. Independent thinker. Perpetual learner. Entrepreneur. Writer. Artist. Scientist. Armchair philosopher. Observer. Explorer. Of the mind. Of the world around me.

I’ve always been attracted by opposites. There is something inexplicably interesting about pairs of opposites. Logic and intuition. Science and religion. I spent a very long time trying to understand why people stick with one side and refuse to listen to the other and why they don’t realize that their blinders limit their potential.

I call the combination of the ideas and solutions coming from seemingly unrelated (sometimes, opposite) directions – non-linear thinking. The ability to deconstruct complex systems to their fundamental levels (Aristotle’s first principle) and creating new ideas by combining elements from different areas, times, and spaces into new “things”.

Some people find that complicated and unnecessary. I find it fascinating and – dare I say – easy. I actually can’t think in any other way. Linear thinking (going from point A to point B and then onto C and so on) is not appealing to me. Jumping across dimensions, time, and space is. Looking at the world from all kinds of different vantage points, in all kinds of different realities is exhilarating.

I just happened to be born at the right time in history that makes all these even easier. A time when technology is changing at the speed of light and old stories of imagined worlds are becoming a reality. We live in a time when we can literally create our world as we want it to be. Some see the world as full of war, disease, and hardship. I see a tremendous opportunity to change its course for the better. We have the tools, the technology, and funding to solve any problems the world has grappled with for millennia. There are no shortages of problems to be solve. Some have simple solutions; others, need complete do-over. And all require a completely different way of looking at the world. There are no shortages of solutions and creative individuals who can make it happen. I’m one of them. And so are you.

Join me: Imagine the future and make it happen. 

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